Community Shop Responds

Volunteers at the community shop have listened to your comments about the shop’s hours and have responded by putting the following changes in place:

Come for coffee from 9am-10.30am on weekdays until the end of the school term. Mette’s morning slot is proving very popular with the school mums who are dropping in for coffee and chatter. We will be offering a range of coffee in the coming weeks. All being well, Mette’s coffee mornings will begin again in September.

From 20 July Paul is joining the team for up to 26 weeks as part of a work placement scheme. This means that we will be able to increase our hours and hopefully open early evenings when people are returning from work.

On the first Saturday of the month Sally-Anne Elliott, Flintham artist, is painting in the shop from 12pm-4pm. Her first session proved a popular attraction and was enjoyed by everyone who popped in to the shop.