Entertaining Angels Feedback



–    An appreciative 32 strong  audience witnessed the New Perspective Theatre Company performing a faultless version of Entertaining Angels on 15 May 2013.  It was a multi-layered , profound and powerful story that saw tension in the Hall steadily building until the dramatic climax.  As promised, it was a play that asked many questions about modern life and the compromises and sacrifices we all have to make when dealing with bereavement and new beginnings.

The performance was provided as part of the Notts CC Village Ventures scheme and, as a consequence of the generous subsidies this attracts, Flintham was afforded the opportunity to experience professional, nationally acclaimed entertainment for the sort of price one might reasonably expect to spend on Amateur  Dramatics.   Those who have attended New Perspective Theatre performances in the Village Hall over the past 2 years have universally praised their  professionalism and artistry (at least to me!) but we do not seem to have been able to surmount the hurdle of attracting new audience members.  So for the 2013/14 season we are going to try a different tack and will open the season on Friday 18 October with a sparkling musical performance by the well known Trio Manouche.  Watch this space for further details.


Pictures by Pamilar Raith Photography Co.