Flintham’s SeptemberFest

Flintham’s SeptemberFest takes place on Saturday 16 September. Last year, the Parish Council and the school applied for a Big Lottery grant on behalf of the parish. Aptly named ‘Celebrate’ the awards from this Lottery pot are intended to give communities opportunities to get together and to do something a bit different.

The grant has paid for a marquee which is 16 x 6 metres and divides into two separate tents. It will be really useful for a range of activities and events and will be available for Flintham groups and individuals to hire. A team of six recently put up one half of the frame to time how long it took and to decide how easy/difficult it was for inexperienced volunteers to erect.

Putting the finishing touches to half of the frame for the 16 x 6 metre marquee

The marquee (wrapped in lots and lots of cardboard boxes) was taken from its store to a paddock and sorted out into different sections. The frame was put up, and admired, and then the poles were marked to make it easier to find the right bits next time. Everything was repacked in canvas bags, taken back to the store and the cardboard was recycled. From start to finish it took two and a half hours which was considered ‘good going’ from scratch. The team reckon that a day should be set aside to put up the complete 16 x 6m marquee and to prepare it for an activity.

The Lottery grant will also cover the cost of a generator, sound system, lighting and portaloo hire for the SeptemberFest. So now it’s time for residents and organisations to decide what they would like to do to celebrate living in Flintham. Some fun activities have already been booked, but there’s scope for lots of ideas.