Hambleton Bakery Delivers to Community Shop

The Flintham Community Shop is gradually moving towards taking more orders.  In addition to locally reared meat, you can now order artisan bread from the award-winning Hambleton Bakery in Rutland.

Place your order by 6 pm on Mondays and the freshly baked bread is delivered on Friday mornings. There’s a great choice available including large sourdough at £3.15, spelt at £3.10, Sobieski (Polish rye) at £3.50 and gluten free bread at £3.45, as well as white and wholemeal bread in various shapes and sizes.

The individual fruit tarts are mouth-wateringly pretty with prices from £1.65 to £2 and available in larger sizes for special occasions. Savoury tarts are also available in various sizes.

Call in at the Community Shop and pick up a leaflet which gives background details of the bakery as well as examples of the bread, cakes and savouries. A small selection of bread will be available for ad hoc purchases each week, but it’s easier to place an order by email, by phone or by calling in at the shop.

The community shop, Inholms Road is open weekdays from 4-6pm, most Saturday afternoons from 1.30pm for about an hour and Sunday afternoons from 2-4pm. Other openings during the week are dependent on volunteers’ availability.