The Flintham Village website is a great way for residents to communicate with each other. One of the key aims is to have an online platform that serves the whole community of Flintham and encourages mutual support and social contact.

A website can never replace the many other means by which people interact, but it can contribute to life here in this special village, and compliment those other forms of communication.

So, how can you as a resident of Flintham help towards this aim?

  • Please do subscribe to the site. You will then get email notifications of any new postings on the site.
  • Check the site frequently for news and information*
  • Contribute: village related news and interesting articles welcomed

*Why not add the site as a web-browser bookmark/favorite, then drag & drop it from that list to your desktop, creating a visible shortcut.

* * * *

Are you creative? We all are, in different ways. Perhaps you have a hobby, or maybe you are a keen traveller, visiting fascinating places locally, throughout the UK or abroad? Share your interest and knowledge with your fellow residents. Send in an article, a story, or images and photographs. It would be great to see the work of residents here on our own website.