Trio Manouche Cancellation

You may remember that I told you that, with the aid of Village Ventures,  we were bringing world-class entertainment to Flintham.  The truth of that statement was demonstrated on 1 Oct when, with only 18 days to go until they were due to perform in our village, the Trio’s manager rang me to say she had muddled her dates and the Trio would be performing at “a prestigious venue in Hong Kong(?)”.

Despite my protestations that Flintham was very prestigious, Hong Kong won-out.  I am, therefore, disappointed to announce that Trio Manouche will not be performing at Flintham Village Hall on the 18 October 2013 but will instead be performing in Hong Kong.

If you still wish to see the Trio they will be performing in Coddington on 16 November the box office number is 01636701013.