Village Hall – All we can offer is Blood, Sweat & Tears

The Village Hall is entirely supported by  the efforts of a small team of volunteers and dependent on the cash their activities raise.  Our constitution states that these volunteers should represent all of the other activity groups and organisations active in the village, i.e. The Village Hall should be responsive to the needs of the whole village.  Without representation from all age-groups and contributions from other organisations we struggle to do that.

In reality, the volunteers group is very small and has not changed significantly for a number of years. In short, we need more volunteers and volunteers who would help to ensure that we represent the whole village, young and old and all the interest-groups  active in the village.  The task is not overly onerous, we host 3-4 fund raising events a year and meet as a committee no more than 5 or 6 times a year.  Could you help? we need your  new ideas and enthusiasm and you would be warmly welcomed!

Interested?  Contact the Chairman Bill Dryden on tel 01636  525147    or  Chris Wynne on tel 01636  526168 to find out more.