WW1 Families Awards Recognition

We have just been recognised at the East Midlands Heritage Awards for our event – thank you again for all your hard work back in 2013.

Here are extracts from the email sent by the organiser of the awards:

“Congratulations to the Flintham Society and Museum for being Highly Commended for the Heart of the Community Award and the Judges’ Special Award at the East Midlands Heritage Awards last night.

This is a tremendous achievement, there were 61 entries from 38 different organisations to the East Midlands Heritage Awards so the competition was fierce and the judges had some very difficult decisions to make.

I thought it might be helpful to share the judges’ comments on your project too…

· A Living Museum/real village

· Imaginative – a good idea done well on a modest budget

· Unique approach – would be a great idea for many villages/small towns to use when they have a significant historical event to commemorate.

· Liked the intergenerational element

· Well planned

· Significant number of people involved – research/new skills/young volunteers

· Nice media cover

Looking forward to seeing some of you at the Keeping the Home Fires Burning? exhibition this weekend, where visitors will be able to find out how Flintham and its inhabitants were affected by the War.